Mining & Energy

As Africa’s dynamic transformation continues, the opportunity for extractive industries, minerals and ores is evolving rapidly, but there is also a need for energy as a building block for growing economies.

The pace and scale of shifts in demand creates a critical need for a variety of inputs, from reagents to process chemicals.

We work with stakeholders across mining and energy sectors to offer a wide portfolio of reagents and develop supply chain solutions through adaptive storage and stock management.

In the mining segment, we focus on the needs of the end user in the core activity of mining ore, where we bring another level of service in supply security, through the variety of reagents used from extraction to production.

We are innovating in solutions across the mining and energy segment through:

  • Tailormade supply chain solution.
  • Adapted storage and stock management.
  • Technical support on site
  • Process water treatment testing

Our partners include