The exponential growth of FMCG across Africa has driven new demand for packaging – from cardboard boxes to food packing solutions – across all consumer goods channels.

We offer both raw materials and products to ensure safe and secure packaging of food, personal and home care products and local produce.

The evolution of packaging across Africa is a key driver of food security, safety and improvements in health and wellbeing across communities. Without packaging solutions, products are vulnerable to hostile environment, characterised by high temperatures and humidity. In this segment, our goal is to safeguard food and products, to extend shelf life and optimise product preservation, while also limiting environmental impacts.

We specialise in stabilizers, glues for cardboard boxes, special glues for dairy packaging and offer a range of solutions for cardboard boxes, dairy packaging, food packaging, bottles and adhesives.

Our products and solutions are grouped around:

  • Glue solutions
  • Starches
  • Silicates
  • UV stabilizers
  • Master batches
  • Polymers


Our innovations in this segment are focused around:

  • Colour matching (Polymers)
  • Food packing solutions

Our partners include