Our solutions and value-add services across Africa’s agricultural sector seek to support an improvement in revenues for farmers and enhance productivity across the continent’s entire agricultural ecosystem.

The timely use of specific products to fight against diseases, weeds and pests can maximise the efficacy of fertilizers and enhance yields. The accelerating shift towards precision-agriculture for chemical inputs – including the implementation of biological crop protection and organic fertilizers for soil management – is driving productivity in a more targeted, sustainable way.

Our ability to act and react quickly in providing proper crop protection solutions, or to offer seeds adapted to specific conditions, ultimately impacts on food security, both in Africa and globally. The effects of climate change threaten to reduce agricultural productivity by up to a third across large parts of the African continent over the next 60 years, creating an underpin of urgency to our endeavours in support of the region’s farmers. 

Across the continent, our logistical networks extend throughout the entire value chain, from individual small holder farmers to multinational warehouses.

We focus on inputs and products across four key areas:

  • Plant protection – global support of the entire value chain, HQ to smallholdings, with a complete portfolio (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides).
  • Plant nutrition – we provide bespoke, tailor-made solutions and custom blends relative to client needs, whether that’s delivering specific macro, secondary or micronutrients, slow-release properties or fast solubility.
  • Seeds – we provide open pollinated and hybrid seed varieties, adapting to the contexts and needs of each client to deliver enhanced yields and quality in difficult climate conditions.
  • Bio Solutions – we propose bio-solutions products to develop sustainable crop protection programs and reduce our impact on environment.

We are innovating across all stages of the value chain:

  • Customer centricity through our “Club Partenaire” distribution network with training and support on the best agricultural practices.
  • Innovation in our portfolio through bio-solutions products (Bio-stimulant, Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides)
  • Specialties development through Global Agreement with MNC in agro furniture for the development of new generation pesticides to reduce our impact on environment and fit to the international regulatory.
  • Creation of digital solutions to support, monitor, train, and advice all the stakeholders in Agro-production and distribution.

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