Water Treatment

Across Africa, the development of essential water and wastewater structures is a core priority for governments, investors and corporate actors throughout the continent.

Rapid urbanization has driven a critical need for investment in water infrastructure, with the availability of potable water a critical input to growth and sustainable development.  

Industrialization strategies have led to the emergence of industrial parks in urban areas, dramatically increasing water consumption levels. Urbanization and industrialization are associated with rising energy needs; water is needed for almost all types of energy production.

We innovate with partners across municipal, industrial and desalination sectors to:

  • Tailor supply chain solutions
  • Develop industrial water treatment testing and solutions.
  • Provide onsite technical assistance, through our teams on the ground across markets.


We focus on inputs and solutions across key areas including:

  • Coagulants
  • PH Modifiers
  • Flocculants
  • Anti-scalants
  • Filtration Solutions
  • Disinfection

Our partners include