We are committed to advancing the sustainability profile of Solevo – and maximising its contribution to Africa’s sustainable development – through the allocation of the right expertise and resources. We are confident that the continuous improvement of our sustainability program will be recognized by the firm achieving ECOVADIS Platinum certification by 2026, following our receipt of Gold certification in 2023.

Since April 2023, SOLEVO is also member of United Nations Global Compact Initiative

We ensure that ESG criteria are embedded throughout our operations and value chain, and that we create positive impact for all stakeholders, whether through job creation and local economic development, products and services that support local communities, or activities that deliver climate change adaptation and mitigation.

We strive to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) through our six sustainability pillars, unified by:

Our vision & commitment

A pan-African leader in supporting sustainable development and welfare in life sciences and industrials

Pillar 1: Labour & Human Rights

We aim to ensure Health and Safety for Solevo activities.

  • We aim to ensure equality and welfare for workers and promote Health and Safety at work in all our operations and throughout our supply chain.
  • We seek to improve diversity, equity and inclusion, with a focus on women and those with disabilities.

Pillar 2: Environment

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and support forest development in Africa.

  • We aim to protect biodiversity by supporting local reforestation programs.
  • We aim to prevent accidental pollution.
  • We actively encourage waste reduction, reuse and recycling across our firm’s network and partners.
  • We are actively seeking to reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Pillar 3: Management System

We aim to develop integrated management system with ISO standards.

  • We respect local regulation and promote best sustainability practises.
  • We Integrate international initiatives on sustainable development and ISO certifications.

Pillar 4: Outreach and communities

We aim to support and enhance communities’ wellbeing, standards of living and socio-economic development.

  • We ensure training and awareness for the customers and consumers on best practices of storage and usage of our products.
  • We develop projects for innovative solutions in agriculture & industries.
  • We support local communities through charitable donations, sponsorships, and volunteering.

Pillar 5: Sustainable procurement & product management

We aim to develop products and customers stewardship.

  • We assess and audit both international and national suppliers on sustainable development criteria.
  • We improve customers’ and products’ stewardship principles throughout our operations and supply chain, exemplified by our recent roll out of an empty box collection service to end users.
  • We proactively leverage innovative solutions across our product portfolio, exemplified by our recent optimisation of storage capacities by aggregating stocks for Sahel region (including bounded warehouses)

Pillar 6: Ethics

We aim to provide best-in class governance and seek to develop best-in-class practices against corruption, interest conflicts and money-laundering.

  • We cultivate a culture of confidence and trust between managers and employees.
  • We are transparent on our ESG effort and reporting.

Our Projects

Small holder farmer training and awareness

Small holder farmers (SHF) are trained by our team on best practice in storage, use of our products and waste management. These programs are implemented in the field and in local languages where needed.

Tree planting & forest preservation plan

Solevo has launched the project “1 employee, 1 tree” to plant as many trees as the number of employees. This is an action to contribute to national reforestation programs and raise awareness around the necessity of protecting forests across all of our operating markets. We also provide financial and material support to protect the last Primary forest in Burkina Faso around Bobo – Dioulasso.

Blood donation

Solevo is aware that lack of blood is an avoidable cause of death, yet remains a prominent driver off loss of life across Africa. So, in partnership with local public blood departments across the geographies we work in, we have launched a blood donation campaign. Employees and their families, contractors, visitors and customers are invited for a blood donation session in each of our subsidiary markets.

CPP empty packaging collection

As part of our Stewardship program, we have launched a trial in the Ivory Coast to collect Crop Protection Empty Packaging. The aim is to create greater awareness of each level of packaging disposal; at collection of the packaging, at transportation to authorized sites and at the destruction phase. Through this project, we hope to reduce incidents related to the misuse and pollution caused by plastic.

Education support

Solevo intends to bring its contribution to UNSDG4 (Quality Education) by providing support and equipment to schools. We believe that education is key for development and empowerment of people and communities.