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Exporting to 12 other African countries through local partners or in direct sales.

Since 2000

Considered the little twin sister of our business in Burkina Faso, the rapid growth of our subsidiary in Mali has supported the market’s growth as a preeminent cotton exporter. Our countrywide distribution network helps us to reach all mains crops, from rice to corn and vegetables.

To contact Solevo’s Mali team:

  • Phone number: + 223 20 20 69 09
  • Address : Rue 128, Sogoniko, BPE 4293, Bamako
    Address: Rue 19.06, Porte 86, ZI 01 BP 604 Bobo-Dioulasso


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Since 2003

Having collaborated with Senegal’s government in phosphate mining since the 1950s, we decided to create our own subsidiary in Senegal to participate in the strong development of rice and groundnuts. Supported by the capillarity benefits of our other subsidiaries and port assets, today we are one of the region’s leaders in specialty chemicals.

To contact Solevo’s Senegal team:

  • Phone number : +221 338 530550
  • Address : KM 11, Route de Rufisque, BP 45740, 12524 Dakar


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Since 1997

Our first market in the Sahelian region, Solevo Burkina Faso offers full crop protection and nutrition to cotton farmers. Since our entry to the market 25 years ago, we have also diversified to become one of the leading suppliers for the extractive mining industry.

To contact Solevo’s Burkina Faso team:

  • Phone number: +226 20 97 12 72
  • Address: Rue 19.06, Porte 86, ZI 01 BP 604 Bobo-Dioulasso


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Since 1948

We entered Côte d’Ivoire and created Societe Tropicale des Engrais et Produits chimiques (STEPC), which became Solevo Côte d’Ivoire, to support the development of banana fields. This constituted our first “tailor-made” solution for all crops, through the creation of a blender with capacity of 25ktons/month. Our growth in the region enabled us to develop strong assets dedicated to chemicals.

To contact Solevo’s Cote D’Ivoire team:

  • Phone number: +225 27 21 21 50 51
  • Address: Rue des Petrolier, ZI de Vridi, 01 BP 107 Abidjan 01

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Since 2022

After a difficult economic period for Ghana, we believe in the future of this dynamic country and the potential of its cocoa and mining sectors. Our blender in Tema, which prepares all nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) mixed fertilizers, is key to helping farmers achieve self-sufficiency and enhance local growth.

To contact Solevo’s Ghana team:

  • Phone number: +233 303 20 60 60
  • Address: Valco Road, Heavy Industrial Area, PMB 283 Community 1, Tema, Ghana


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Since 1950

Through the formation of Solevo Cameroon, we created a subsidiary specializing in fertilizers for export crops (coffee, cocoa, cotton, rubber). The combination of our blender capacity of 35 kt/month and our experience underpins our leading position in Cameroun in both agriculture and industry sales.

To contact Solevo’s Cameroon team:

  • Phone number: +237 233 50 42 00
  • Address : ZI Bonabéri BP : 2368 Douala


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Since 2009

After a long period of civil war, which finally came to an end in 2002, we took the decision to be one of the first providers of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers to communities rebuilding their lives across Angola. Solevo’s tailor-made strategy was initiated with the creation of a blender in Lobito.

To contact Solevo’s Angola team:

  • Phone number : +244 924 705 945 / +244 925 707 009
  • Address : Via S8, SN condominio Dolce Vita lote1 Edificio E 6 sala A, municipio do Talatona Luanda

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Since 1946

The establishment of Solevo Madagascar marked the first direct presence of our brand in Africa as part of the push for post-war development. Our extensive range of small packaging goods meets the growing needs of small farmers.

To contact Solevo’s Madagascar team:

  • Phone number: +261 20 22 291 46
  • Address: Bd Ratsimandrava Soanierana, P.O Box 134 101 Antananarivo

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Since 2016

To contact Solevo’s Switzerland team:

  • Phone number: +41 58 300 75 00
  • Address: Swissair Centre, 29 route de l’Aeroport – P.O. Box 750,  1215 – Geneva 15 – Switzerland


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