Creating the chemistry for growth

With Africa accounting for over 65% of non-cultivated arable land at the international level, and the African population growth estimated to double to reach 2.4 billion by 2050, we are well-aware of the continent’s opportunities and challenges.

At SOLEVO, we share the belief that agricultural self-sufficiency and local industry stimulation is the key to Africa’s development. We are committed to be part of the continent’s transformation dynamic and to contribute to the UN Millennium Development goals.

To this end, we focus on offering efficient, quality and sustainable agricultural and industrial solutions for our clients where they operate, whether it is to ensure stable productions, to improve yields, to support industrial development in forestry, mining and modern manufacturing or to secure access to clean water.

Supporting African industries and agriculture

Our commercial and development teams are constantly developing innovative solutions to respond to the specific needs of African farmers and industries. It enables us to be able to rapidly adapt to change.

We develop and offer quality solutions that are efficient and convenient, while making sure that we limit exposure to toxic substances and reduce environmental impact.

Our Agricultural solutions are well adapted both to African small-holder farmers, and larger plantations. We developed a range of specific solutions for Cacao, Coffee, Palm, Cashew, Pinapple, Coconu, Cotton…. In addition, we also work on elaborating products and services to improve local crops such as Sorgho, Niébé, Arachide, Manioc, Igname and Sésame.

A large part of our R&D global activity is dedicated to developing products with a low environmental impact.

man agriculture tomatoes

Among our most recent innovations

Selective post-emergence herbicides

The issue

How to respond to the Cyperaceae (sedges) phenomenon, highly nocive, invasive and damaging plants present in many African countries who often force farmers to leave fertile grounds they have invaded.

Our solution

To help farmers protect and increase arable fertile land, we worked on a specific solution formulated to be easy to use for small farmers. We developed an herbicide that farmers can spray in post-emergence to control the sedges in Rice or Maize crop (CAMELEON FLO 75). Until then this herbicide was only accessible for very large industrial plantations. Additionally, this herbicide is safe for the fauna and the flora. The active ingredient has been developed worldwide and is on the positive list of the European Union.

Insecticides solid formulations without petroleum solvent

The issue

How to better tackle resistant pest such as the “Fall Armyworm”: Spodoptera frugiperda or the “American Boll worm” : Helicoverpa armigera, who threaten yields of tomato, corn and cotton crops ?

Our solution

We worked on developing specific insecticides without using any petroleum solvent. As a result of our research, we developed 3 solid insecticide formulations which are as efficient as traditional insecticides, and do not belong to the same chemical family to reduce the risk of pest resistance (KART 50, CAÏMAN B 50 and MORAN 30). As they are more specific in targeting pests, the impact on the rest of the beneficial insect and the rest of the fauna is reduced. Furthermore, the absence of petroleum solvent reduces the flower shedding of the crops as they are used in alternance and not all along the cycle of the crops.