At SOLEVO, we developed a unique set of services to assist African farmers and larger plantations in finding the appropriate solution to efficiently tackle their specific issues, especially given the diversity of the African landscape.

With fertilizers, crop protection products and related services, we support farmers in finding the right and cost-effective solution to secure their crops using one local solution provider only.

Thanks to our 70+ years of operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, we developed a unique expertise and understanding of the environment of the countries and regions where we are established. Our team of professionals, dispatched in each of the countries we operate in, offers guidance and services to ensure the proper use of our products.

Considering the many challenges agriculture has to face in Africa, such as climate change, food security, health, environment, we work every day to help farmers identify the right solution and implement it at the appropriate time, recommending a sustainable approach rather than an intensive agriculture process only.


We offer Chemical products and services for the industries to support African entrepreneurs and businesses. Thanks to our unique expertise and strong network, we have the capacity and agility to respond to complex demands developing solutions to support industrial development in sectors such as forestry, mining and modern manufacturing or to secure access to clean water.

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