Workplace Safety

As a leading blender, packer and distributor of agricultural and industrial inputs, we place workplace safety as our top priority.

In each of the countries in which we operate, in each of our offices and locations, SOLEVO ensures a safe place to work for our teams, partners, sub-contractors and clients. We also work on reducing our environmental impact as a company.

We work on ensuring that each and every one of us is involved in implementing our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy by developing and promoting specific activities and training.

A zero-incident objective

Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy aims to reach a zero-incident objective and demonstrates our commitment to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment and working conditions to each of our employees, partners, sub-contractors and clients, in every location in which we operate, while reducing, or eliminating when feasible, the environmental impact;
  • Adopt an automatic risk-reduction approach by encouraging individual and collective initiatives to eliminate danger and reduce health and safety risks as well as our environmental impact;
  • Conduct regular consultations with our employees, partners, sub-contractors, clients and any other third-party interested in Health, Safety and Environment issues;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of our capacity to manage Health, Safety and Environment related issues, to protect the environment and to ensure that each of our projects and activities is considered as an opportunity to promote a corporate HSE culture;
  • Define and regularly update HSE objectives for our employees;
  • Respond to but also go beyond current HSE and environmental regulations.

Ethics & Compliance

The Solevo Group has been operating on the African continent for over 70 years, acting as a trusted partner for African farmers and entrepreneurs to whom we deliver quality products and services.

In line with our values and mission, business ethics is one of our top priority.
Our Code of Conduct and compliance programme guide our employees as well as our partners and sub-contractors on how Solevo group does business. It outlines the conduct that is to be expected from all its employees and partners – a conduct which we have always encouraged and valued.

Given the diversity of the economic, sociocultural and environmental context in which we operate, our Code of Conduct aims at ensuring that the values that are at the heart of our identity are respected by the entire group and all our employees and partners.

By conforming to the modalities of our Code of Conduct, we demonstrate to our clients, colleagues, shareholders and to communities that we take pride in carrying out our business activities ethically.

Our key principles:

We operate with honesty, integrity and fairness in our daily activities

We do not denigrate our competitors.

We carry out our activities in a transparent manner and obey the law

No bribes, no kickbacks, no hidden transactions. Solevo Group is committed to complying with local laws in the countries in which it operates, as well as international laws and regulations. In case of “Conflicts” the most restrictive law is observed.

We apply our ethical and deontological principles

to the business we carry out with individuals, business partners and third parties who are also required to carry out their activities legally and in full abidance by these principles.

We are committed to acting as a responsible corporate actor and support our employees in doing so

Should employees witness a situation that is contrary to the provisions of our Code of Conduct or face a “conflict of interest” in managing our contractual relations, employees have a direct contact line with their direct supervisor and/or our Legal and Compliance team. Our Code of Conduct and compliance programme is regularly reviewed and reinforced with the support and expertise of external counsel.