Who we are

Mali’s economy remains dominated by the agricultural sector. Its secondary-industrial and tertiary sectors are in the process of development. In this context, SOLEVO, which is a leading blender, packer and distributor of agricultural and industrial inputs in Africa, has been the key partners for Malian farmers and industrials for almost 20 years.

What we do

Our goal is to provide farmers with a full range of agricultural high-quality services and products to support them in achieving sustainable and self-sustaining agriculture.

Our services


Agriculture in Mali faces recurring and cyclical difficulties: droughts, floods, dependence of producers on the prices of raw materials harvested, such as cotton, and production costs (fuels). The solutions we offer at SOLEVO Mali are designed to efficiently respond to these specific challenges from fertilizers, to seeds, crop protection products.


We support the development of the Malian industrial sector offering comprehensive solutions for industries such as mining, oil and gas or water treatment.

Our offices

3 Branch offices: Bamako Sogoniko, Segou and Sikasso
General Management: 128 Sogoniko Street, BPE 4293 Bamako

To contact us

Phone number: + 223 20 20 69 09
Address : Rue 128, Sogoniko, BPE 4293, Bamako