What we do

Our company offers one of the most extensive services and products portfolio on the market, combining comprehensive solutions and services for agriculture and industries in Africa.

With over 70+ years of presence on the African continent, we developed a unique expertise and capacity to understand our customer’s needs. SOLEVO listens, gains insights, innovates, advises, guides and supports. From the busiest urban centers to the most remote rural locations, we make sure that our products are reliably and available when and where needed.

We operate currently from seven African countries: Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Mali and Senegal.

Our line of products and services are Fertilizers and Crop protection products for agriculture as well as Chemical products and services for the industries.

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Our mission

At SOLEVO, we share the belief that agricultural self-sufficiency and local industry growth is the key to Africa’s development and we are committed to be part of Africa’s transformation dynamic, by contributing to building a healthier and safer future for African individuals and their communities.

We work on developing efficient, innovative, sustainable and quality products, services and solutions for African farmers, planters, entrepreneurs and industries. We pay attention to the needs of our partners and customers.

SOLEVO ensures a safe place to work for our teams and we also work on reducing our environmental impact as a company.

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We have been in Africa for over 70 years building a relationship of trust with African farmers and entrepreneurs by being attentive to their needs. We have continuously developed quality products, solutions and services to provide them with the best answers. We are proud to be a long standing, reliable and sustainable partner for our customers. In the future, our aim will remain unchanged. We will continue to offer quality products, services and solutions as well as to develop of products with a low environmental impact to support of every farmer and entrepreneur where we operate.

Who we are

Previously a branch of Louis Dreyfus Commodities, SOLEVO group was acquired in 2017 by the leading private equity firm in Africa, Helios Investment Partners and Temasek.

Helios Investment Partners is the largest Africa-focused private investment firm. It manages a portfolio of 20 African companies, with large well-known investments such as Vivo Energy (Shell petrol stations) and the iconic culinary brand Jumbo. Helios Investment Partners has been investing exclusively in Africa since 2004 with the ambition to bridge international capital and know-how to African talent and enterprise.

Temasek is a global investment company headquartered in Singapore. As a generational investor, Temasek seeks to make a difference with the belief that growth can take place in a sustainable manner where economic prosperity goes hand in hand with protecting our planet for future generations. As an owner investor, Temasek mostly invested in equities but do not set limits for geographies, sectors, or asset classes.

SOLEVO’s shareholders believe there is a strategic opportunity for the business to be at the forefront of the transformation of African agriculture and industries in the coming decades. SOLEVO is uniquely positioned to provide farmers and entrepreneurs with sustainable, reliable and quality solutions and services to help increase their productivity and revenues, overall contributing to better livelihood of the African populations.

Investing in industrial and agricultural inputs distribution enables Africans to have a better control of their own development tools. This is Helios’ contribution and vision: to support enterprises with strong potential of growth which operate in key sectors of the economy and contribute to Africa’s development, to Africa’s international outreach.

Souleymane BaPartner at Helios Investment Partners